• Interactive Text, Phone and Email Reminders
  • Automated After Care Surveys
  • No Show Management
  • Works With Your Current Software
  • Automated Re-Care Messaging Based on Appointment Type
DoctorConnect’s medical appointment reminders provides you with the ability to automate and improve the way you communicate with your patients.  Let us show you how you can simply your office operations, improve patient satisfaction, and increase revenue. is primarily a powerful appointment reminder system, but enhanced with many more features to help you decrease no shows and increase repeat business.Use our system to easily communicate with your patients. simplifies patient communication by providing pre-defined text and email messages that you can send to a specific patient or a group of patient with just a few is proven to drastically reduce ‘no-shows’ and stimulate repeat business.  Not only do the medical appointment reminders help reduce no-shows, but you can use to easily send notices to those patients that did not show, instructing them to contact the office to reschedule.   Our powerful recare system allows to automatically send out recare notices  – these notices can be based on last appointment date, or by the appointment type / diagnostic code.

All of our medical appointment reminders are ‘2-way’ meaning your patients will be able to confirm or request a reschedule via text, email or phone. For example, if a patient gets a text appointment reminder, they can reply to that message with a ‘1’ to confirm the appointment or a ‘2’ to request a rescheduled appointment.

Save valuable office personnel time, and increase your patient satisfaction by using state of the art text, email and voice reminders to streamline your appointment scheduling.

You won’t have to change the way your office operation – DoctorConnect can either interface with your current software  or be used as a stand-alone scheduling system.  No duplicate entry needed.

Use our live chat feature or contact us today for a demo of our product and how it will improve your practice operations and communication.

iPhone text reminder & missed appt. notification