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With over 24 years in business, Adtel has always been committed to implementing new and proven technologies to enhance business communication.

Contact us today and enhance your business with Adtel’s reliable, affordable services – with top notch support when you need it.

Improve office efficiency, increase patient satisfaction, and maximize income by reducing no shows.

DoctorConnect is extremely easy to use and is the most powerful reminder appointment system in the industry.  Click here to read more about the capabilities of our system.

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Adtel is the automotive business solution to all your special finance lead generation, tracking, and management needs. It takes the suggestions and experience of over 1,000+ dealerships that have used our system over the past 10 years and puts into action over the Internet. The system is simple. In about an hour you will be able to double the number of leads you can work, increase your profit, and work less time.

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AutoReminder specializes in helping companies that have collection needs. Our services allows you to quickly and easily contact your clients, based on your parameters via SMS Text Messaging.

Increase your revenue flow, save valuable office personnel time, and increase your client satisfaction by using the powerful communication tool of SMS Text Messaging to streamline your collection processes.

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Easily chat with your website visitor right from your cell phone via text messaging.

Away from your desk? Out at lunch? Working from Home? No problem – the chat requests will come directly to your cellphone – you never have to miss a sales opportunity!

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