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Text messaging has quickly become the communication tool of choice for consumers. As a BHPH dealer, keepin touch with your clients is essential. Everyone always has their phone on their person, and are quick to read a text message as soon as they hear the phone message notification.

Our innovative BHPH Software system works automatically – sending out messages daily to those that have missed a promise date or are past due. You set your collection parameters one time, and our system does the rest. When your BHPH clients reply to your payment alerts, the messages are viewable inside our system. Autoreminder keeps a history of all your SMS communications with your clients.

Our BHPH payment alerts are read within minutes. You will know that your clients are getting your payment reminders – and reach them any time of the day. You have a much better chance of getting some kind of action or reply to a text message than any other form of communication. If you have to pursue aggressive collection measures such as repo – you will have a saved history of all your communications that you can refer to in case of disputes.

Today more than ever, Buy Here Pay Here dealers are wise to keep track of all your customer communication. Autoreminder for BHPH lets your store and view all your sms text communications with your clients. This can be very important to your business in keeping track of account history.

AutoReminder can easily work with your current accounting system. There is nothing to change in your office. Most BHPH software systems allow you to export your current accounts – and this export is easily imported into AutoReminder. You can upload/update your file as often as your want.

Our system is incredibly powerful, yet very simple to use. You will wonder how you ever did business without it. All of our current Buy Here Pay Here customers use our system heavily and have seen incredible results and improved office efficiency at the same time. Control your BHPH payment reminders and past due all from one website – and get them out quickly and easily.

Let AutoReminder Software for BHPH help you improve your office work flow and revenue.

When sending payment reminders or past due alerts, AutoReminder for BHPH outperforms email and phone calls. It never gets too busy or forgets. Our clients tell us it’s like having an additional staff member.

AutoReminder for BHPH is ideal for dealers that handle their own collections. Contact us about your situation today and let us show you how we can help – our BHPH software is extremely flexible and we are certain we can help you achieve your goals and make your job easier and more efficient.

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