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Integration FAQ 2018-05-03T13:49:46-05:00

What fields (columns) are required?

A. At bare minimum our system will at least need to know the patient name, the appointment time, and a method to contact the patient (email, phone, sms).

What format is required?

A. Your data should be exported in CSV (comma seperated values) format. Excel (xls) spreadsheets can also be accepted in most situations. Column names should be specified on the first row of the file if possible.

What other data column types can be exported?

A. Our system can handle almost any data type you are able to push to us: Patient Name, Email, Mobile Phone, LandLine, Appointment Time, Patient ID, Appointment ID, Doctor Name, Facility Name, Preferred Contact Method, Preferred Language, etc.

If you have special considerations, please discuss with your integration contact.

How does the file get transmitted to DoctorConnect?

A. Typically, in a file export situation, we will assist you in setting up an automated FTP send to our secure servers. This can happen hourly or at the end of the business day, depending on the activity levels of your office and what works best for your situation.

What is the FTP information for the DoctorConnect Server.

A. For security reasons, we do not post this on our website, please contact your sales manager for instructions regarding access to our FTP server.

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