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DoctorConnect / EPIC API Server Installation Overview

This is a quick overview of how DoctorConnect will pull the data needed from your EPIC system.  

The process is very simple to setup and DoctorConnect is happy to remote into your server or connected workstation using team viewer and perform the entire installation.  Installation and testing typically only takes about 15 minutes.

The apps we use are specifically chosen to be non-intrusive to the operation of your PC, use use a few simple command line utilities that require no installation, and make no changes to the configuration of your server.

We will create a folder on your server (or connected workstation) called


In that directory we will place our 3 command line tools:

7Z – Widely used industry accepted compression and encryption application.

SQLRUN – The utility passes the SQL statement we need to pull the data from your database. The SQL statement has been constructed using the EPIC KIT API interface, and has been reviewed by the EPIC API team to be correct.

NCFTPPUT – Another widely used command line utility to push the encrypted file to our server.

These apps will be called every few hours on your server using Windows built in Task Scheduler.  The entire process takes only seconds and will not cause any interruption to your server or workstation.

That’s it.  At this point your data is immediately imported into the DoctorConnect system for use in all your patient engagement tool.
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