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DoctorConnect.net and Genesis Systems

  • Interactive Text, Phone and Email Reminders
  • Automated After Care Surveys
  • No Show Management
  • Works With Your Current Software
  • Automated Re-Care Messaging Based on Appointment Type
  • Able to push confirm data back into your EMR / PMS.

DoctorConnect’s medical appointment reminders provides you with the ability to automate and improve the way you communicate with your patients.  Let us show you how you can simply your office operations, improve patient satisfaction, and increase revenue.

DoctorConnect.net is primarily a powerful appointment reminder system, but enhanced with many more features to help you decrease no shows and increase repeat business.  Please use our side menu to learn about the other ways DoctorConnect.net can help your practice.

Same Work. Less Effort. More Revenue.

DoctorConnect is industry-leading patient engagement software that increases revenue and reduces overhead. We automate everything from appointment reminders to recall notifications, and patient surveys to online reviews. Text message payment notifications help you get paid faster with less time and cost. Automate all of the tasks that distract from patient care and drain valuable staff time. DoctorConnect makes light work of the heavy lifting. Just set it and forget it.

No more no-shows. Hello revenue.

Appointment reminders are delivered by text, email, and voice calls. Patients can confirm or request reschedules. But DoctorConnect takes it a step further and gives you the ability to communicate with patients without being on the phone with 2-way texting…which helps reduce call volume. And you can bill for chronic care management (CCM) with time and date stamped message threads. Reminding patients of their appointments insures they show up and early notification of reschedules or cancellations allow you to fill open spots. Hello revenue.


Keep them coming back.

DoctorConnect custom recalls for preventative, wellness, targeted and critical care (diabetes, COPD, asthma, men/women’s health, stroke, heart failure, immunizations) keep patients on schedule for continuing care. Send automated instructions for surgery or procedures. Lift the burden on administrative staff and reduce overhead on postcards, letters, printing and postage. Rules based on diagnosis code, appointment type, doctor, status, location. Keep patients coming back without lifting a finger.

Get paid. Faster and cheaper.

Paper statements are costly and time intensive. Supplement paper with DoctorConnect automated text message payment notifications to make it easy for patients to make payments from their cell phone. Drive traffic to your patient portal which helps you meet Meaningful Use measures. Rules based on payment due date, past due amount. Mobile banking works for banks. Make it work for you.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your practice.

Patient feedback is a valuable tool for practices of every size and specialty. DoctorConnect quality of care email surveys provide immediate access to your patients’ experience. Know your strengths and areas for improvement to increase patient satisfaction.

Protect your rep.

Control your online reputation. When patient surveys score a 4-5 star, the DoctorConnect reputation management tool sends an immediate email inviting patients to review your practice online. Choose which review sites you wish to be reviewed on and those links are included in the email invite, making it easy and fast for patients to do an online review. Generate new business with positive reviews.

Get the message out.

DoctorConnect bulk text, email, and voice feature makes fast, easy work of notifying all or some of your patients. The TimeBlock feature messages only patients within a certain timeframe. Notify patients of schedule changes, weather closings, and emergencies. Bulk messaging to your entire patient base will boost your revenue with marketing, or keep your patients informed with newsletters.

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