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Welcome to InaZip SMS Marketing!

Premier Provider of Mobile Marketing Solutions

SMS Solutions • Electronic Coupons

Affordable, easy-to-use mobile marketing software that helps businesses increase campaign response and effectiveness.

“We were totally blown away by the results.

In the first three days, we had 78 customers register for the system (we now have almost 300).

We sent our first message at 10:40AM on a Tuesday.
Imagine how surprised (and delighted) we were to have 20 customers show us the message!”

Tiffany DaDamio, Al's Hideaway
“My customers love this and it makes them feel like family.”
Brent, Wave Pizza
“I send a text message out and the customer’s come in! That Simple. Thanks, Inazip!”
Jason A. Marquez, Hamburger Mary's Bar & Grill
“Everything you need with one Service! Laura my Customer Service Rep. is always there to help!
We have over 2,000 customers that receive text messages for Food/Drink Specials and Live Music Events.
Great results! WOW!”

Easily Build Your Client Database:

  • Import Your Current Customers
  • Build New Customers via Keyword Texting
  • Promote with Tablecards / POS Advertising

Execute Your Campaign:

  • Send in both SMS Text and HTML Email formats
  • Schedule Jobs From Any Web Browser
  • Deliver your message in minutes.
  • Automatically Posts to

Accurately Measure Your Results:

  • Promotion Responses as High as 20%!
  • Offers/Coupons stored in Customers Phone
  • Texts Instruct Customer to SHOW You the Message.

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