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For businesses doing print advertising, INAZIP offers a method to gauge the relative efficiency of each ad placed. To do so copy is included within each ad that offers a reason for each participant to “text” a keyword to a specific cell phone number. The keyword is different in each ad displayed and the results are shown numerically on your INAZIP site.

Therefore, if media “A” had a cost of $1000.00 and you had 15 responses and Media “B” had a cost of $2000.00 and you had 50 responses, it would be logical to spend more with Media “B” in the future. Or, change your ad copy in Media “A” to match the copy in media “B”. We provide whatever range of “keywords” you may need to implement this feature.

An alternative is to provide separate toll-free numbers for electronic media such as radio and television. Such numbers may connect directly to your business or provide permission for future contact by text messaging.

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