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Add live chat boxes to your website, which will send your staff a notification when a lead requests information. Whoever responds to the lead first will take control of the chat box, encouraging your staff to be proactive and quick to reply to potential clients. A transcript of each conversation is saved and can be sent via email for review by managerial staff.

Customer Engagement

Your website is often the key to new business, but in many cases prospects are shopping on multiple sites for the same product or service you offer. So, a stop on your website is merely part of the shopping experience. HOWEVER, if you have a way to instantly engage that prospective customer, you can often stop the shopping. The answer, of course, is to give the prospect an option to easily “chat” with a member of your marketing team or customer service department. The problem with most chat solutions is you must have someone at the computer at all times to respond. solves this problem by also allowing the chat to be completed from designated mobile phones of your employees.

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